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We at Produce Art love drinking coconuts. We also know that coconuts not only grow in Thailand but in many places around the globe including Australia.  So like we do best we went searching for the Australian coconut and we found it! Now you can enjoy fresh, living, green young coconuts that are 100% Australian and full of liquid goodness. 


How much do they cost?

Our pricing starts from $6/coconut + delivery if required. The more you buy the cheaper we can offer the coconuts of course.


Where do we deliver to?

You can arrange pick up by appointment from our base in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane or we can send coconuts to most locations in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We are happy to service individuals to large businesses.


How to order

Online through our shop or if no option suitable please contact us for any inquires: or 0498 069 439


How much water is in a coconut?

We aim to pick coconuts to the size we would get around 300-500ml of juice/coconut


Theres a husk on the coconut!?!

yes, these are real


How do i open them?

There are a couple of ways....just search online: "open green coconut with style". Or try the Australian invention the "Cocotap" 


How long do they last for?

A fresh living coconut will stay alive for about 2-4 weeks at ambient temperature. If you refrigerate it will die pretty fast so if you like them cold refrigerate just before you crack them.



There are two main varieties 'Malayan Gold' and 'Malayan Green'. They are dwarf varieties which produce fruit in 5 years and are easier to pick, Both have about the same amount of liquid but have different unique flavours. Sometimes we get some other varieties cool varieties and will update our facebook most of all.


Producers and growing regions

We have a co op of producers that are based from the Port Douglas region to Innisfail in the state of Queensland. 


Health Benefits

Check out: Dr Fife's Coconut Research Centre

Whats wrong with a Thai coconut?

Quite simply the ones we find in Australia...are dead and are a massive carbon footprint. These coconuts were pretty good to begin with however to get to Australia they go through quite a journey. First they are grown in Thailand which doesn't have the best record for ethical business practices. They are then de husked, dipped in a cleaning and whiting agent, wrapped in plastic and stuffed into a box. It then could take 1-2 weeks of loading the sea container, then a month on the sea, then 1-2 weeks of clearing the product upon the products arrival into Australia in which it may of been fumigated with methyl bromide if the Department of Agriculture found insects in a inspection sample. It then goes for wholesale not even to the consumer. They do refrigerate the coconuts from when they board the ship in Thailand however that only kills a coconut vital nutrients turning what was a a really good coconut into a refreshing sugary drink high in salt.