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Exotic Fruit Club

In Produce Art, we are a team of exotic fruit lovers. We are always in search of exotic fruits that you can't find in supermarkets and your local fruit shop.

We love to try new exotic fruit that has not been recognised well enough and give access to our customers and support our farmers at the same time.

We lunched this new campaign 'Exotic Fruit Club' to provide access of exotic fruits to our like minded customers, who love to try and educate themselves about new exotic fruits and different varieties.

About this Campaign:

  • We will update at least 1 exotic fruit each week on Friday in our website to offer all exotic fruit lovers
  • We will organise delivery on Wednesday Each week for all orders received before 7am on that day
  • We will organise pick up from our warehouse on Thursday each week between 9am - 1pm for all orders received before 7am on that day
  • Members will receive exclusive offers and specials