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We make and sell 100% australian beverages

Australia grows an extensive range of fruit and vegetables yet many people are still unaware of this. Being such a big country with many different climates and growing regions the variety is off the charts! As well as that we have a lot of passionate farmers that grow the stuff. They are big factors into how good the product will taste at the end of the day. At produce art we hope to open you up to some of the unique produce flavours that are available and take you on a flavour safari! With our extensive knowledge and network of what is going on in Australia we are certain to create some unforgettable seasonal batches of quality fresh Australian, owned, grown and produced fresh juices.

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Produce Art presents Australia's first Feijoa juice!!!!!! Cool yourself with chilled Feijoa Juice this summer.

Comes in 350ml bottle or a 10x350ml pack

100% Australian Made and Produced.

Directions: shake well, serve chilled, making interesting cocktails and showing it off to friends. Enjoy!

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We have sourced beautiful Australian grown Feijoas and pureed them skins and all! The smell is as if you had just put a Feijoa to your nose. The flavour is everything Feijoa with a strong kick. Great for cooking, smoothies or even be a bit naughty and mix it in a cocktail! Essence of Feijoa in a bottle. 

No Preservatives or additives. 

Comes in 350ml bottle or 10x350ml pack.

On special as it has past the best before date however quality is still great and being widely used. Any issue with your puree and we will be happy to refund you for the product (excluding the shipping costs)