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EST 2015

Produce Art was founded in 2015 in Brisbane, Australia when a passionate fresh produce trader and lover of all good quality produce called Rohan realised that the world was missing out on the finer aspect of produce and the experiences that come with it. Rohan believed people should be able to experience real flavours that are out there, not just the everyday run of the mill and why not start with the quality Australian produce we have available at our doorstep. Produce Art would like to focus on the following when it comes to the best tastes and flavours:

Quality producers

Australia is made up of a range of producers. From coffee growers In Queensland to feijoa growers in Victoria. From salt farmers in WA to hop farmers in Tasmania. All producers have their own way of doing things. We would like to highlight producers that we believe are genuine and that should be commend for their efforts of produce quality produce! Unfortunately farmers are often missed when it comes to recognition. We would like to change that.

Unique growing regions

There are many unique growing regions that produce excellent quality fruit. We would like to highlight these areas of significance so you in the long term can get a feeling of where the flavours are coming from and at what times of the year. Ultimately for the consumer it is better for this to be understood because not only will you be enjoying the best flavours from produce when they are available you will also be saving money not buying expensive produce out of season. 

Wide coverage of fresh produce varieties

Over the years Australia has collected a vast range of produce varieties especially with fresh produce. There are many varieties that most people have not heard of and are honestly missing out on flavours that would make anyone smile. we will certainly introduce you to the world of flavour.


Produce good for your health

Naturally Australian produce is healthy. We live in an environment that most other countries are jealous of and we can understand why. There are also many benefits of produce we would like to high light. We are not saying any of it is going to make to you better over night however we would like to keep you informed in this area as we believe most people out there are quite interested in it. You would be amazed with what benefits some produce can have on the human being.

Produce from afar

Australia is an amazing country and can grow a lot of its own fruit however there are times of the year when there is a demand for certain products that we may not be able to produce. There are also some products that you just cant find here! So to alleviate this we are working closely with growers and exporters overseas to bring you new and interesting flavours that you may of not of had the chance to experience before and fill the gap of when Australian produce may not be available.

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.
— LOUISE FRESCO - writer/scientist/professor/intl food expert

Now with this knowledge

Putting all those aspects mentioned above together, Produce Art will start introducing lines of fresh and processed food and drinks for the people of the world to enjoy.

We hope that our products can take you on a flavour safari!

Custard apple plantation - Sunshine coast, Queensland

Custard apple plantation - Sunshine coast, Queensland

Irwin mangoes on tree - Berry Springs, Northern Territory

Irwin mangoes on tree - Berry Springs, Northern Territory